New Year, New Possibilities at Seventy8 & Westgate

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Just about everyone has higher hopes than normal for this new year. It is no different at Seventy8 and Westgate. Here are some suggestions for personal and apartment goals as well as to capitalize on home decor trends.

Personal Goals for 2021

Learn a New Skill: Learning a skill creates a sense of accomplishment that can make your life more fun and easier.

Move More: Every movement gets you in better shape than you were before you did it. The City of Wylie is on the vanguard of providing virtual exercising opportunities.

Set a Reading Goal: Reading keeps your mind sharp. Take a break and spend a little part of each day reading something that informs or enriches your life.

Apartment/Home Goals

De-clutter: Every space can use a little thinning out; the benefits are being able to move freer in your space, not always losing stuff, etc.

Reduce Energy Use: Inventory your apartment or home and identify ways you can cut down on energy use, to save money and help the planet.

Organize Your Cleaning: Except for a few freaks, cleaning is not fun for anyone. To make it easier, set up a schedule that lets you tackle cleaning chores in small doses.

Apartment/Home Decor 2021

2020 and spending more time at home has forced everyone to think about their living space and how to use it. Here are some emerging trends.

Multi-Functional Living Space: Setting specific roles for each room in a living space allows for organization of purpose, activity and thought.

De-clutter and Minimalize: De-cluttering and getting rid of stuff you don't use helps with organization and can be a calming influence.

Retouch the Old: Merge decor ideas of the past that are friendly and newer functional equipment to get both. Some are calling this Grandmillennial.

Everyone has a lot of positive hopes for 2021. These ideas can help anyone get on the right path to make sure those hopes are met.

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