Tips and Tricks to Stay Warm and Cozy in Your Seventy8 at Westgate Apartment

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Your Winter Weather Tips: How To Stay Warm

At Seventy8 Westgate Apartments, our residents matter. Here are just a few tips to survive cold weather, given by some of our residents who managed to keep utility bills low during our unpredictable winter weather.



1.) Work Up A Sweat -

That's right, exertion is a great way to raise your body temp. Seventy8 Westgate Amenities can let you get this done and still maintain social distancing with virtual yoga classes and more.

2.) Let It Shine -

Sunlight shining through a window can heat up anything it touches. Keep things like blankets or slippers warm or just bask in it and take a warm nap.

3.) Drafts -

It's important to track down drafts around windows and at the base of doors. Cover them with a towel or draft protector. (Or make one with a sock and rice.)

4.) Avoid Heating Everything -

Be sure to close the doors to rooms not in use. It's easier to heat the room you're in, rather than the whole apartment.

5.) Use Your Kitchen -

Kitchens are great source of heat themselves. So turn down the thermostat and cook up a meal or snack. Ordering in? Than boil a pot of water. Use humidity to keep things warm. You can add potpourri or essential oils for a great aroma.

6.) Furry Friends -

Pets generate enormous heat. Snuggling with one could benefit you both.

7.) Soft And Fuzzy -

Soft and fuzzy layers are simple ways to stay warm while keeping heating costs down.

8.) Alcohol -

Wine and spirits can give warmth. Enjoying a glass with a meal or while enjoying a relaxing bath could help keep the chill away.

9.) Spice -

Spicy foods work great to generate heat.

10.) Hot Showers -

Great for an instant warm up!

Thank You!

We Hope you enjoyed our tips! We're glad you chose Seventy8 Westgate as your home.

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