Seventy8 and Westgate: Let the Cleaning Begin!

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Springtime is the perfect time to begin things fresh. When it's time for this season to come in, it's time to get rid of a lot of things in your home you don't need and bring in fresh air. Seventy8 and Westgate knows just how important it is for you to take care of your home. We know that you want the absolute best so we have some tips and tricks that you may find useful when you're cleaning!

The Mental Health Benefits of a Clean Home

Your mental health is important, and when you have a dirty home it can be affected. You may not realize how important of a role your home plays on you mentally. Here are some things to think on when cleaning your home.

  • Cleaning keeps you active: For many of us, we sit a lot more than we probably should when we're at home. Cleaning your home will bring movement and depending on the chore, can cause you to burn calories.
  • You can prevent sickness: When your home is cleaned there are fewer places for bacteria and germs to hide. When they have nowhere to go it increases the chances that you won't get sick.

Ways to Go Green with Your Cleaning Process

Cleaning is always necessary, but you may not want to use products that have harmful chemicals. Luckily there are a lot of green products that you can use in your home. You may also have items already in your home that will be useful in your green cleaning process.

  • Borax: Using Borax with your laundry or adding it to vinegar, hot water and detergent to make an effective cleaner is something that is simple, safe, and eco-friendly.
  • Lemon: A lemon will remove germs and has antiseptic and antibacterial qualities that you may find extremely helpful.

Cleaning Services for Hire

Cleaning services are a good idea for you if you just don't feel like cleaning or if you don't have the time to do as you really hope to. MaidToGoUSA is one of the better cleaning services you may want to think of hiring.

There are a lot of options of eco-friendly cleaning products, and more ways having a clean home can affect you. Get ready to spring clean and bring in a change!

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