Ways to Improve Your Sleep at Your Seventy8 and Westgate Apartments

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We all need a good night’s sleep. Without sleep, then our health and wellness are affected. In addition, apartment living, stress from work, relationships, and the pandemic have made getting high-quality, restorative sleep difficult to get. Your Seventy8 and Westgate apartment can help you get the sleep you need.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep in Your Seventy8 and Westgate Apartment

Many things contribute to making an apartment the ideal place to find great sleep. The Seventy8 and Westgate apartments' spa-style baths can be a great place to relax and unwind. Try a soothing hot or warm bath to calm your body and mind. 

Check out Seventy8 and Westgate amenities for more information The private balcony or patios are a great plan to relieve stress in the evening. Read a book, enjoy a glass of wine or a cup of herbal tea, or simply hang out with friends. Activities to calm the mind will help to improve your sleep. 

Tips Before Going to Bed

We all know that restful sleep can have a big impact on health and wellbeing. Texas can get very hot in the summer, and that can interfere with sleep. Here are some key tips you should try before going to bed:

  • Find ways to keep your house cool (fans, air conditioning, open windows)

  • Use some ambient noise (fans, air filtration units) 

  • Take a melatonin supplement

Products for a Restful Sleep

If you have trouble finding that perfect sleep, don’t worry there are some great products that can help.Sheets matter, too! Overheating, especially in the summer, makes it hard to sleep so the right cotton sheets are a must. Sometimes it’s hard to slow our minds down to sleep and many people find white noise machines a great way to relax into deep sleep. Some of the local stores can be found at Woodbridge Crossing and Woodbridge Center.



Sleep is important to your health and the quality of sleep can really impact your overall wellness. Choosing the right apartment can help you find a lifestyle that makes finding higher quality sleep easier. There are some easy tips that you can do to fall asleep easier every night, and there are some great products that can help. Enjoy counting those sheep!


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