Summertime Entertainment near Seventy8 & Westgate

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Wylie, TX, offers plenty of opportunities to have family outings and enjoy some summer fun when you're living at Seventy8 & Westgate. The community offers summer camps for children through the months of July and August. The Wylie community also has various rec centers, parks and other amenities.

Enjoy Everything Our City Has to Offer

Our rec centers include a fitness area, internet access, an indoor track, a climbing wall, an area to play basketball and volleyball, and various other activities and classes. Wylie also has beautiful parks. One of the closest parks is the Community Park, which features lots of lovely walking trails. If you're looking for a hot spot to go shopping, Woodbridge Crossing is a decent strip mall with a nice variety of shopping and dining to have a nice day out.

Family-Friendly Weekend Ideas

When you're living in Wylie, TX, there's no such thing as a shortage of family outings. If you want to go see a movie or plan a family trip to the movie theater for some PG-13 entertainment, the best movie theater in the area is B&B Theatres Wylie 12. There are also lots of cafes and food places in the area, such as the Ballard Street Cafe.

Hosting At Your Apartment

Seventy8 & Westgate has a lot of amenities that are essential to happy and healthy apartment living to offer its residents, as well as the guests invited into their homes. If you're wanting to have some friends over to hang out at the clubhouse, there is access to billiards and shuffleboard, and we also have a nice pool with shading. Here at Seventy8 at Westgate, we ensure that you have options for entertainment without leaving home which is why we provide a dog park and dog-washing station. This allows your dog to get out and make some friends as well, then have a bath!

When living at Seventy8 & Westgate, all of your entertainment needs in the summertime can be found just around the corner. Do you have a favorite Summer spot? Share with us!


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