How to Survive Heatwaves in your Seventy8 and Westgate Apartment

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The summer heat can make everyone less comfortable. Luckily, when residing at Seventy8 and Westgate Apartments, high living standards and superb amenities make heatwaves manageable. Read on for some top tips on combating the hot weather in Wylie, TX.

Enjoy Our Outdoor Amenities

Going outside in shady areas is a great way to keep cool during a heatwave. At Seventy8 and Westgate, there are plenty of places to do so.

Take a dip in the glistening resort-style pool with a water tanning ledge to make the most of the sunshine. If you don't fancy a swim, meet a couple of friends at the poolside pergola, and share a bite around the outdoor grills.

Seventy8 and Westgate's is a pet-friendly community. There is space for your furry friend to spend time cooling down outdoors as well. Take them to the expansive dog park for a play and a walk.

Rental Friendly Ways To Cool Down Your Home

Going outside isn't the only way to keep cool. There are many options to make your space more comfortable.

Although the summer sunshine may put a spring in your step, it can also heat up your apartment. Installing blackout curtains is a good idea, as they prevent beams of light from streaming into your space. Opening the windows at night is also a great idea, as this will allow fresh air to enter your home without the hot sunshine.

Alternatively, if you are into high-tech solutions, purchasing a power flex fan is an attractive choice for cooling down your apartment. These options are sure to keep utilities low in the summer months!

Local Attractions That Will Help You Keep Cool

Seventy8 and Westgate's are in a prime location, which comes in handy even when looking to cool down in a heatwave!

Take a short six-minute drive to the Woodbridge Crossing mall for a day of shopping the top trends, sheltered from the hot sun.

Alternatively, you may wish to visit Collin Park on Lake Lavon, which is only a 13-minute drive away. Rent a boat, or take part in other watersports for an unmatched breeze of relief from the water.


Although the heatwave can be pretty uncomfortable, when living at Seventy8 and Westgate, there are many ways to keep things cool.

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